Burlington, Vermont

1974 - 1997

Emerald City of Oz in downtown Burlington, was a product of the 60's and honored the politics, art, and music of that era. It was an avante guard gift boutique and a waterbed store. Its joy was to employ talented artists and allow them the freedom to flourish. And flourish they did. The result was spectacular line art, lovely paintings, iconic sculptures, magnificent murals, memorable radio and really fun street theatre. The building sparkled in multiple shades of green and glowed at night. It was a fantasy brought to life.

"A splendid time (was) guaranteed for all!"


The Collected Artistry of Emerald City


This gallery showcases artworks created exclusively for Emerald City and
makes them available to those who choose to own a piece of Burlington history.
"This is beautiful, inspiring, moving & unbelievably creative. How wonderful to be able to see it all so clearly after all these years" MF
Annual Emerald City Holiday Parade: Radio - Michael Thurston

monkeyswithwings · Radio parade

Sleep Like a Champ: Radio - Michael Thurston

monkeyswithwings · Champ-News Bulletin

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artistry Shhh, There's always someone sleeping on an Emerald City Waterbed!
Sue Storey
15 x 30 Canvas, Gallery Wrap

artistry Wendy Edelson - Michael Thurston Commemorative: 30 x 13, Canvas: Gallery Wrap

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