Emerald City Commemorative

Wendy Edelson is a brilliant illustrator and she created many Emerald City themed artworks. This particular piece was never processed. The “never printed” mechanical sat in a cardboard folder, untouched, for 40 years. Recently it was given the proper attention, and Michael Thurston assembled the basics, Rik Carlson tweaked it to create a finished slice of Vermont history. It was called a "mechanical" and was designed to hand off to a printer with a pantone color matching system designating percentages to assure that the color tones and intensities were correct, with register marks so that everything would line up properly. That language was universal so any printer would understand it. The base layer is Bainbridge board, the four overlays, acrylic transparencies, painted with a black gouache, specifically for this kind of transparency work.
The finished piece measures 30 x 13, is printed on canvas, stretched on a wooden frame, a gallery wrap, with a wire for hanging.
400.00 + tax and shipping.

canvas gallery print: allow 2-4 weeks

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