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The Artistry
of Emerald City

Rik Carlson
Burlington, Vermont

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The Eddy Farm School for Horse and Rider
Calm Frenzy: One Man's Vietnam War
Richard J. Wobby Jewelers
Kimberlee Forney
Gilfeather's Fine Provisions
We're Not in Kansas Anymore
The Old North End Vet
Sunny Hollow Dental
United States Steamer
Julie Fisheye
Burlington's Winter Festival, 2006




"We're Not in Kansas Anymore"
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
& the Politics of Disease


A Book by Rik Carlson
Foreword by Charles Anderson, M.D.


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"To be remembered is an honor, and the whole of my object."
Loring M. Bailey, Jr.


"Poignant, cutting, witty, humorous, trenchant, optimistic and devastatingly honest, Bailey chronicles the profound and the mundane as he struggles to maintain his humanity in the face of war."
Garry Dow, Pomfret School

"Bailey was a literary magician—a man who plucked the right words from thin air at exactly the right moment, often as a grunt in mud and rain. His sense of humor was enviable."
Henry Zeybel, Vietnam Veterans of America

"Loring M. Bailey, Jr. wrote prolifically throughout his experience of training and war. Ring found a passion in the written word. His letters represent the emergence of a new voice. A voice heard only briefly and from the most horrific of circumstances."
Chip Lamb

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Because Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is dismissed, relegated to hysterical women, passed off as depression, and not taught in medical schools, in most, if not all cases, patients worsen dramatically. This film is for parents, spouses, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors, employers, and physicians. While this disease alone is immensely debilitating, the disregard and misdiagnoses by people of authority causes even more catastrophic results. When the true disease is denied, families are destroyed. When it is accepted, recovery programs can be developed and healing can begin. Let the healing begin."
rik carlson

Imagine what it's like to be so sick you can't function, ...
and because you are silent and confused,
your physician says “It's all in your head”.

INVISIBLE a film by Rik Carlson and Michael Thurston

calmfrenzy www.calmfrenzy.com

"My Father's Vietnam" is a powerful and gripping story---a worthy testament to complex lives and impossible choices made by young people coming of age while the world was in flames. These accidental heroes---soldiers, resisters, the women who waited and worried---emerge as fully human beings thrust into situations not of their making, struggling to make sense and create meaning out of chaos. This is a dazzling documentary and a necessary addition to the chronicle of the Viet Nam years.

Bill Ayers, author of Fugitive Days

Film Tells the Story of the Vietnam War with a Local Connection


noun, ca·thar·sis \kə-ˈthär-səs\
: the act or process of releasing a strong emotion
especially by expressing it in an art form

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J & A Pump and Motor Service, Inc. South Burlington, Vermont


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Selected Vermont Photos
Pecha Kucha: 6 minutes & 40 seconds:

Narrated Live, September 5, 2019

ara_24a Cars & Coffee, August 2019

ShMu_22a Factory Five, Northeast Street Rods, September 2019

ShMu_22a 100 years in a glance



Burlington, Vermont

1974 - 1997

Emerald City of Oz in downtown Burlington, was a product of the 60's and honored the politics, art, and music of that era. It was an avante guard gift boutique and a waterbed store. Its joy was to employ talented artists and allow them the freedom to flourish. And flourish they did. The result was spectacular line art, lovely paintings, iconic sculptures, magnificent murals, memorable radio and really fun street theatre. The building sparkled in multiple shades of green and glowed at night. It was a fantasy brought to life.

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