Tonia Scocinski ( wrote the following:

I actually achieved an energetic, pain-free, life.  Although, it was brief, I attribute it entirely to a specific diet I was following to balance my yin and yang and to herbs I was taking.  A few days after I stopped the diet....all hell broke loose.  So, again, our life must be kept in balance with the world around us.  I am happy for you that your family understands this.
The O24 is great.  If I happen to wake up in pain all over, I take a bath in this O24 and I am pain free.  It doesn't lessen the fatigue, but it does take my pain away for quite some time and even allows me to sleep. In other words, at times, pain would keep me awake. This would be great for those others suffering with this fibromyalgia pain or any other kind of pain for that matter.  It is better to use this stuff, then to pop pills that have side effects.


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