June 5, 2007

To: Office of Proposal Management

The CDC has recently released the finding that 85% of the estimated number of individuals in the U.S. with chronic fatigue syndrome- 4 million of them – are not yet diagnosed. P.A.N.D.O.R.A. is very concerned about this issue for two reasons.
1) The 15% of CFS patients who have been diagnosed don’t have access to qualified and knowledgeable medical care and by the time they find a physician willing to treat them, their capability of recovery is gone (CDC- Bill Reeves). A good example is found in the state of Florida where there iss only one CFS specialist treating her CFS patients and the list is 2-3 years long for an appointment. The story is repeated is every state in the U.S. These patients go on to experience serious quality of life changes- loss of wages and jobs, no social services support, and lack of disability systems that are supportive of their medical plight. The disparities in their access to clinical care cut across all social stratus but it is particularly worrisome for the CFS patients who are of Hispanic and or African-American origin. (DePaul University- Jason et al) It is important to mention that 4 out of 5 CFS patients are women.
2) The remaining 85% (according to the CDC) who is yet to be diagnosed are also experiencing the same plight and it is compounded by the fact that they don’t have a final diagnosis also leading to despair, breakdown of the family unity, loss of wages, mental health issues, and estimated as in the 15% group, in too many cases resulting in death complicated by other health factors such as cancer, heart disease and suicide. (DePaul University-Jason et al)

Simply put, chronic fatigue syndrome is an emerging illness that is multi-systemic and has a wide array of symptoms that overlap with other conditions including fibromyalgia, Gulf War syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivities. It costs our economy based on an older demographic estimation (800,000 – DePaul University- Jason et al) more than 9 billion dollars a year in lost productivity, not including medical care and disability benefits (CDC- Bill Reeves – www.cdc.gov/cfs

Therefore, P.A.N.D.O.R.A. is inquiring if funding for an outreach program to find the individuals in the U.S. who haven’t been diagnosed yet and to create a model for treatment for CFS patients would be something that your foundation could fund?

If not under these parameters, what other parameters would a possibility exist?

I look forward to your response. If you wish to speak with me by phone I can be reached at 954-629-0976 (my cell phone) and or 954-783-6771. The funding would be applied to a nationwide partnership of state organizations who are cooperating in this project under the leadership of the Wisconsin CFS Association.

In Good Health and In Beauty,
Marly C. Silverman
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