Consensus Manual in Negotiation to be Printed in Japan

The need for a CFIDS guideline for primary care physicians is not limited to our community.
The following correspondence from Taichi Abe, of Co-Cure-Japan responds to Dr. Friedman about the non-profit status and the difficulties of translation . Note how great the need for the manual in the hightlighted sentence. We are far from alone.


Dear Dr. Friedman:

First of all, I would like to cordially appreciate your help.
About the two issues:
As the activity of Co-Cure-Japan is purely non-profit, there is no problem
to address that no-profit be made. But the first one is more difficult for
I have been looking for medical doctors who can help us, and have e-mailed
several doctors I know. Recently I have had a good response from one of
them. But we may have to ask more help from other doctors because it is
difficult to peruse the translated-manual alone.
The situation, which CFS/ME/FMS patients are struggling with, is very
severe in Japan. I hope that the manual can help these patients through
providing comprehensive knowledge of the illness.
Therefore, I will pay any
effort for the license agreement of the manual.
Thank you very much again for your kind help.

Sincerely yours,

Taichi Abe