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The Vermont CFIDS Association, Inc.



People with CFIDS Attend
Conference in Spirit!

      The Empty Chair Project was well received!
It made a huge impact. Dr. Nancy Klimas loved it, the chairman of the CFSAC loved it. Rebecca loved it! Got compliments from the ex-officio individuals from the CFSAC - Everyone was in awe. During my testimony I mentioned it, highlighted the Vermont CFS Association and that we would bring the Empty Chair project to every meeting until they had the capability to broadcast real time to the disabled members of our community.

     I was on the Hill when Barbara and Dr. Garcia first laid out the pictures and everyone was taken back by it. Dr. Garcia sent me an e-mail while I was sitting speaking with a Health Aid from Bill Nelson’s office and she texted me saying that it made a huge impact-they actually stopped the meeting to make a comment.

     I had asked them to place the 22 pictures from Vermont, but it was not possible as folks were coming in and out and a representative of the DHHS actually thought that they were repeating the pictures and mentioned that to Barbara and Lina… it was funny…they thought it was a CFS moment.
Thank you for your support of this very creative and extremely activist project.
      I like being an activist too!

Marly Silverman


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